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Pelican™ Cases for Guns | Precision is Everything

Every shooter knows precision is everything and can make the difference between a good and bad day. Pelican™ gun cases bring that and much more. Pelican™ cases are consistently being used by the United States Military, professionals and novice shooters alike. Everyone can appreciate a Pelican™ case with their waterproof design and indestructible features. No matter what your gun type is, Pelican™ has the case for you. Every case from the long range M40A3 rifle to a 1911 handgun.

In an occupation where failure is not an option you need the best gear made. Pelican™ gun cases are the solution to protecting your guns. Pelican™ cases for guns are unbreakable, watertight to a depth of 30 feet, dustproof, corrosion proof and have a lifetime guarantee of excellence. These gun cases are recommended for professionals and those individuals or organizations that require nothing but the absolute best. Pelican™ gun cases are highly resistant to chemical attack, and are built to perform in the most severe conditions. Used by all branches of the US Military including the US Navy Seals, Police, Hunters, and Search and Rescue. If you have a demand for a gun case that is waterproof, indestructible and will last your entire life in the squad car or on the battle field, then Pelican™ cases are the cases for you.

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Pelican™ Gun Cases - Quality meets Affordability
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